Philosophical Summary of Luciferianism

Luciferianism is the embodiment of knowledge and power that acknowledges the Principle of Lucifer as the "Light of Consciousness." Be it as a god or as a principle, Lucifer has transcended many cultures as the "Bearer of Light;" the Light which illuminates the consciousness of sapient beings and heightens the senses and awareness to experience Higher Levels of Being. Luciferianism is the path of Self Mastery, Self-Attainment, Self-Sovereignty and the Illumination of the Higher Self.

Luciferian Manifest
The Luciferian Order exists primarily as a network of individuals, who collectively, of their own free will, ensue the advancement of “Self” and humanity through the embodiment of Luciferic Principles. Serving as a dedicated body of occult knowledge; the Luciferian Order remains adherent to the Arcanum of Light and Knowledge exemplified within a logical and justifiable Luciferian Philosophy. A Luciferian ideology, emblematic of the Light and empowerment of Intellectual Illumination. It is the Secret Science of the Self-Sovereign; an ever evolving path of Self-Actualization. It is the path of Darkness and Light which is embodied within the Soular being, of Self-Knowledge, Self-Discipline, Self-Becoming, Self-Mastery, Self-Sovereignty and Self-Ascension.

Since its inception in 2005, the Luciferian Order has been instrumental in developing core philosophies of modern Luciferianism. Prior to the rise of the Luciferian Order, Luciferianism was widely spread and falsely associated with Satanism and Black Magick.  Lucian Black, an Occult Scientist and founder of the Luciferian Order sought to establish an authentic Luciferian Philosophy representing the highest and most noble principles of Intellectual Illumination, Conscious Evolution, Self-Mastery and Apotheosis.

The lies of Lucifer began in 1611, with the release of the King James Version (English translation) of the Holy Bible, wherein Lucifer is falsely associated with the Hebrew ideology of Satan. In Isaiah 14:12, King James translating Hebrew manuscripts into English, used the Latin word “Lucifer” to reference a Babylonian King (Helel ben Shahar) who had fallen. The Hebrew texts originally referenced Helel as “shining one, son of the morning”, however King James erroneously  translated it and used Lucifer. This mistranslation falsely associated Lucifer (Latin) with a Hebrew religion and their “Fallen Angel” mythos. Noting: in all other biblical translations and even in the KJV, this one verse is the only place Lucifer is ever mentioned. Therefore, the facts remain that Lucifer is Latin for “Light-Bearer”, and Satan is Hebrew for “Adversary”, the two independent and unrelated.

The Luciferian Order as an organization, thereby denounces and disputes any and all false correlations that associate Lucifer and Satan. The dissolution of this deception and misrepresentation of Lucifer remains a formidable impediment to the Luciferian Order and for Luciferianism as a whole. Though most all other Luciferian groups continue to perpetuate the falsifications of Lucifer=Satan, the Luciferian Order remains distinguished. Noting here, that many Luciferian  groups have adopted, as well as plagiarized many of the core philosophies of the Luciferian Order, as their own.

Albeit, the Luciferian Order remains exclusive and distinguished from any other Luciferian group. The Luciferian Order maintains the highest standards for its membership. Though members are at liberty to practice and utilize their own methods and systems for Self-Mastery, the Order itself serves as an initiatory structure and network which empowers its members through honorable endeavors and a nobility of character. The Luciferian Order is itself non-dogmatic, yet expectantly, structured on the principles of noblility, honor, reverence and empowerment through ascendency. Therefore, advancement within the Luciferian Orders Degree Structure is an honor based system of recognition. Members are provided a networking structure through which the applications of all sources of knowledge; to include philosophical, scientific, and artistic and magickal resources are available for individual Self-Betterment and Apotheosis. Wherein, the aspirant of Self Mastery on the physical, mental and spiritual realms of existence may be more influentially and pursuantly empowered.

The Luciferian Order (TLO) is the world’s leading, preeminent Luciferian organization dedicated to the true Light of Lucifer, adherent to the Principles of Light; both scientifically and spiritually. The Luciferian Order’s mission remains the advocacy of a reverent and honorable ideology of Lucifer (lux=light, ferre=bearer) as a “Bringer of Light”; wherein members become aspirants bearing the Light. The Luciferian Order is a non-dogmatic and exclusive Luciferian philosophy, science and art; integrating the physical, mental and spiritual realms of Conscious Evolution within a malleable existence/reality. Thereby, awakening within, the inner guidance of Higher Intelligence and a Higher Power that has the potential to transform the world individually and collectively for a brighter future.

The Luciferian Order : Unite and Enlighten

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