Frequently Asked      QUESTIONS

Q1: Is Lucifer, Luciferianism = Satan, Satanism?

A1: No.

Satan is first mentioned in the jewish/hewbrew scriptures, as Ha-satan{the satan; the opposer/adversary; and satan was not a proper name but a descriptive title};- and therein the satan is not a devil or fallen angel but actually works for and under the hebrew god Jehovah as a heavanly court prosecuter in the judge{jehovahs} court. It is not until only a couple centuries before the time of Jesus that they started to morph the myth into a demon/devil or fallen angel, inspired/influenced by Egypitan myths about the deity Set and zoroastrian ones about Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, then the christians and muslims picked up and furthered this idea and later used it as a means to demonize pagan deities{particuarly horned deities}- such as Pan, and others. 

Lucifer has no basis in jewish or christian scripture at all. There is no lucifer in the christian bible, there is one alledged reference to a lucifer in Isaiah, but it is due to a mistranslation in the KJV and taken out of context; "how art thou fallen" verse- which never said lucifer{which is the english translation of the latin word combo lvx and ferrer- lux-feerer or "light bearer"], the passage originally said "how art thou fallen oh helel ben shahar"{which means morning star/son of the dawn"} which contextually was referring to a human babylonian king{probably Nebuchanezzer}- not a devil or angel{fallen or otherwise}- which was a poetic title applied to that king. 
and btw, "morning star" is also a title applied to Jesus in the book of revelations.

Lucifer has it's roots in latin and in terms of mythology as an archetype in roman paganism and gnosticism, referring to the planet Venus or the son of the goddess Aurora in roman.

Satan as an archetype is prototyped by set and ahriman, and means the adversary. Lucifer as an archetype is proto-typed by Prometheus{greek} and a few others. 

The early christians didn't even call or consider Lucifer and Satan as synyonmous. It took several centuries for them to falsely tie them together and create the myth we are so familiar with today.  (written by: Bill Baker and publizied here with permission)

Q2: What is the Luciferian Order?

A2: The Luciferian Order is a division of Luciferianism that strictly advocates the Light of Intellectual Illumination and Conscious Evolution. We are in no way associated, nor affiliated with any other Organization.

What the Luciferian Order is not: we are not an esoteric or initiatory school, we are not a Satanic Organization, and we are not the Illuminati. The Luciferian Order remains unbiased and is not dogmatic; for we in no way dictate a specified belief system upon our members. Although we do however, adhere to certain principles that are mutually regarded, as a unifying principle and remains that all our members are essentially seekers of Truth, and advocate the Light of Illumination.

We seek out the association of prominent leaders whom possess a certain degree of Mastery in their respective fields of Professionalism and Occultism. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of like-minded individuals who knowingly and willingly support our own who share a resonating Light.

The Luciferian Order is built upon the foundations of Respect, Loyalty, Integrity, Sophistication and Mutuality of Prominence. We are a Secret Order in that we do not disclose our member’s identities nor shall our members disclose the Orders identity. Nor do we share all of our endeavors and agenda’s publically.

We are a collective entity of Individuals who Bear the Light Illumination. Our members possess a degree of Mastery in their Professions (value), Science (knowledge) and Magick (Influence) within this world and reality.

We are an Organization of Leaders, we do not seek Followers!

Q3: What is the Left Hand Path?
A3: There exist many variables to the definitiveness of the Left Hand Path. However, within the Order, each member has the liberty and free will to define this anomaly for their own specific purposes. The Left Hand Path is a limited path as would it be limited to strictly be adherent to the Right Hand Path. We encourage our members to be “Ambidextrous”.

Piously, people of the Left Hand Path believe they are on a path of Individuation, Apotheosis and have chosen the Darkness as Light, the Right Hand Path believes they are Righteous and Godly as well. Members of the Luciferian Order may choose either path at their leisure, however as an Organization we remain distinctive of no boundaries or limitations toward the goal of Conscious Evolution.  We shall leave no stone unturned and question everything. For we know that the Light manifests itself in various ways through various individuals to accomplish the “Great Work”.

For in fact, we know genetically, as creatures of this planet we are encoded with a sense of self-preservation and self-importance.  This is a prerequisite for our survival. Within this encoding of the human species is a hidden consciousness of dominance and Elitism, therefore, we as an Order maintain a position of Elitism based on our members presence and influence in their respective fields. We as an Order dictate not a specific path for this is not our concern. We know in some there is a sense of false pride and arrogance and in others there lingers a sense of displacement, lack and inferiority.

We within the Luciferian Order recognize the former and the latter in others and therefore remain highly selective of admittance into the Order. Typical, Governing bodies seek to instill weakness and fear into its people, they do so to establish a need for their presence. Orders however, attract influential and elite individuals that already possess a Light of unified purpose for all involved.
The Luciferian Order remains unbiased to LHP or RHP as long as its members remain grounded, sane and elite without flamboyant arrogance.

Therefore, the Luciferian Order as a statement of intention, maintains that Scientifically and Strategically, the Left Hand is governed by the right side of the brain, which dominates the following functions: Creativity, Imagination, Intuition, Insight, Holistic Thought, Music Awareness, Art Awareness and 3D Forms. The right hand is ruled by the left side of the brain which dominates the following functions: Analytical Thought, Logic, Language, Reasoning, Science, Math, Writing and Number Skills.

Based on this evident reasoning, the Luciferian Order recognizes within its members the aptitude of utilizing, developing and Mastering both hemispheres of Intelligence and both fields of application. By doing so are we masters of all paths.

In closing of this inquiry, the Luciferian Order advocates that Luciferianism is not a LHP nor a RHP ideology, we should transcend such nomenclatures and limitations.

Q4: What is the significance of "Ordo ab Chao”?
A4: The universe, world and reality are built upon a balance of Order and Chaos, and it requires leaders/creators with Intelligence, Insight and Intuition to bring forth a vision of such potentialities of Order from within a perceived Chaos. Collectively, and without proclamation our “Opus Magnum” is completed by doing so. We remain the “Silent Masters”, the wielders of the “Modus Operandi” of manifesting the Light of Illumination within this world, procuring others and being true to our “Self” and the design of which we were created to do so. Our members possess a high degree of influence in effecting the mundane and esoteric worlds. We make things happen.

Within a certain degree of ones becoming, there comes a certain degree of inner knowing. It is this “Inner Knowing”, a certain “Realization” where the true science and art of magick is made manifest within.

We adhere to the fact that destruction is a process of creation, and therefore destructiveness is a necessity. We adhere that the process of creation which destroys one thing while in turn manifesting something new. We adhere to the probability that chaos in and of itself is encrypted with its own patterns, design and a secret Order of Operation and Renovation.

We therefore, assimilate information which may appear chaotic but to a creative, insightful and determined Intelligence it can harness and thrive in chaos and create Order within this world, reality and thereby within the universe. We are Masters of Operations, we make things happen, we do not necessitate rituals, we do not pray, nor wish, nor hope… we implement, we do and we take appropriate actions effectively and fluently. Such things do we of the Luciferian Order recognize and revere within a Higher Degree of Conscious Evolution of its membership.

“Ordo ab Chao” Order out of Chaos! This is but one of our current public presentations as we have witnessed amongst the Luciferian community, a degree of chaos, misrepresentation, delusions and false profits. Within the Luciferian community Lucifer is often associated with the Adversary and/or Satan thus manipulated and segregated for personal intent. This is unacceptable and we do not tolerate the defilement, misguidance or misrepresentation of such a Noble Ideal.

As an Inquisitor of Luciferianism, we implore you the seeker, to thoroughly investigate the various perpetuated ideals of what “True Luciferianism” is. The Luciferian Order is and of itself not adherent to any LHP doctrines, nor is it associated with Satanism. The Luciferian Order may or may not be for you, and you may or may not be for the Luciferian Order.

Q5: What is the significance of the Orders symbol?
A5: We have selectively elected to implement an ancient symbol that has long represented the “All Seeing Eye” also known as the “Eye of Providence”. This symbol effectively represents key elements of the Luciferian Order’s philosophy; the development and attainment of Higher Vision, Insight, Intelligence and Intuition. It was documented clearly in one of our own original documents entitled the “Luciferian Manifest”, stating “…we see not with two eyes, but one”. And that is the mind’s eye, representative of an “Inner Knowing” and an “Inner Light”.

How this capacity of vision is developed and mastered is and will always be an ongoing quest of the Luciferian Order, and its members for the Self- Mastery and Self Sovereignty within our ranks.

Recently, we have incorporated the Choate star to correspond with our “Ordo ab Chao” public presentation. Reference FAQ inquiry Q3. Originally, the Order had selected 9 as a viable and relevant number during its founding years, currently the number 8 holds steadfast for reason we shall neglect to divulge here and reserve this knowledge specifically for its elected members.

Q6: What is the importance of Lucifer?
A6: The beauty of Lucifer exist in the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of its essential truth. For throughout the ages, we can bear witness that the most profound truths are well guarded and admonished as taboo. And even greater so, they are made to be believed as lies so that the profane will see not its true power.

With that, the Luciferian Order strictly adheres to the Latin definition of Lucifer “Lux=Light, Ferre=Bearer” as the simplification of this adjective, noun and/or name. Lucifer is the Bearer of Light! However, this has many possibilities,which we shall shed here only a bit of light for illustrative purposes. Our Sun, the center nuclear reactor of our Solar System is itself a bearer of Light. Even the Ancient Egyptians revered the Sun and its power of “Life giving Light”, in that in the Light is Knowledge, and every living organism is in one way or another touched by the Light of the Sun and its life giving encrypted information.

Another potential, is that we as creatures of this Earth, being touched by this light, do ourselves possess our own hidden Light. Perhaps, that given the sight we could see every human being, creature of this Earth and every plant, illuminated and radiant bearing within its body a Light of its own.

Indeed, we could and do, continue to delve deeper into such things within the Luciferian Order. We could challenge that inevitably, there is no such thing as darkness. For all things are Light, we humans with our limited faculties of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum cannot see with two eyes, the spectrums of radio waves, ultraviolet waves, microwaves or gamma rays. But regardless, there is Light there, scientifically we cannot deny this truth. Where we see darkness is merely a Light spectrum of which we have yet to perceive.

Therefore, in closing of this inquiry, we within the Luciferian Order would like to offer this speculation, that Lucifer was not cast out of heaven as some institutions would have you believe, but he/she/it willingly descended to this realm of matter as a source of Light bringing to us, a coming of Consciousness… the “Light of Illumination” encrypted in all things… This is the Light we seek within the Luciferian Order! All members possess the Light of Illumination and are thereby themselves “Bringers of Light”.

Q7: It is a requirement of the Luciferian Order that its members worship Lucifer?

A7: To insinuate worship indicates a level of weakness and inferiority that is not supported by the Luciferian Order nor its members. As an ideal, we do not fear nor worship. We do however hold a high reverence of a Higher Power, a Higher Awareness and indeed a Higher Self. We endeavor not to kneel, for we choose to stand tall and upright in the face of any adversary, challenge or unknowing.

Though the definition of worship includes: to revere, we revere but the word worship itself is indicative of inferiority. We select our ideals and terms carefully. As should you. But to complete this inquiry, we do not require our members to worship Lucifer.

Q8: How long has the Luciferian Order existed?
A8: The Luciferian Order has existed throughout the ages and definitely predates this particular division of the Luciferian Order. However this division of the Luciferian Order began in late 2005 and was developed by Lucian Black. If one is interested in learning more of the history of the Luciferian Order that is presented here please reference this link for more details.

Q9: What is the goal of the Order?
A9: The objective of the Luciferian Order is to globally bring together like minded people in an effort to spread the Truth and Light of Luciferianism as the Light of Consiouness, Intellectual Illumination and Conscious Evolution. By doing so, bring power to the people to evolve without hinderance toward a brighter future. Transcendance from homo sapien to Homo Divinus.

Q10: What kind of people join the Order?
A10: The correct question is what kind of people are invited to join the Luciferian Order. As noted, membership to the Luciferian Order is by invitation only. As such, we remain highly selective of such an invitation process, as each member is held fully accountable for any of which they petition for potential invitation to join the Luciferian Order. However, as stated earlier we seek Leaders not followers. And we therefore seek quality over quantity. Though it is a prerequisite of members to be prominent, influential and effective in real world applications, as well as esoteric practices. Our membership is diverse yet there is the recognition of a unifying Light that resonates within all members.

Q11: What is asked of Members?
A11: Unfortunately, this is proprietary information and cannot, nor should not be ever disclosed publically. Reserved exclusively for members only. However, the Order does require its members to maintain a high degree of Integrity, Respect, Sophistication and Honor. The Order maintains high standards and expects its members to represent accordingly.

Q12: What kind of things do you learn in the Order?
A12: The Luciferian Order is currently not an Initiatory Occult School as originally designed in 2005 and does not have a curriculum. What our members learn is real life applications of professional and esoteric achievements from our brothers and sisters. Key words “Real Life Applications”. Imagine a group of Individuals prominent and prosperous in their respective fields sharing their knowledge, techniques with each other as a knowledge bank and think tank of mutual projection of professional and esoteric agendas. We learn from each other.
The Luciferian Order does however, publish a quarterly document of which other members contribute, the Order also publishes its own materials exclusively within its membership. The Order also publishes materials publically as well.

Q13: Is the Luciferian Order affiliated with any other group?
A13: No, the Luciferian Order has no affiliation nor officially supports any other Organization other than its own; as an Organization. Individual members however are free to associate and support any Organization they deem worthy to their own cause without the inclusion of the Luciferian Order as a whole.

Q14: Is there a physical place where there are meetings?
A14: We are not at liberty to divulge this information at this time. However, be assured members have the freedom and the liberty to meet freely amongst themselves. We have provided a strict application process and by so doing allow our members to meet at will. Otherwise, Official meetings held by the Luciferian Order are held in strict confidence of attendees and localities.

Q15: Is there a degree structure?

A15: Originally, the Luciferian Order (aka Ordo Luciferi) was developed as a Degree based Initiatory Order. However, the current Luciferian Order is not a degree based Initiatory system. We do continue to maintain a system of “Recognition” and it is through this “Recognition” that members are admitted.

All members are however Third Degree Masters, “Magus”.

As we, the members of the Luciferian Order have our own personal agenda’s in real world applications, we do not have the time nor obligation to raise a flock of followers. We are an Order of already established “Leaders” within our own respective professions.
We seek out like minded professionals, Illuminated Masters and established influential Leaders for affiliation.

Q16: I'm interested, what do I do next?

A16: Let your conscious be your guide. If you connect with a member unknowingly, they will know and if they recognize the Light within you, then rest assure, you will become a member in due time. We do not advertise ourselves as members and we do not actively seek members out. We seek quality over quantity. However, we will find you if you are to be included in the Luciferian Order.

Please note: Asking to join has no bearing on our invitation process and often works against a seeking individual as it typically denotes an undesirable degree of characteristics.

In the Membership section of this website, one may find a way. 

Q17: If I want some more background information, where should I start?

A17: Anyone who shall ever be considered significant of affiliation will possess the astute powers of researching effectively who we are. Everything begins by a sincere investment of attention and intention.  Initiated interest guides each mind to the Light of its own Illumination. “What you seek, is within” Pindar

Q18: Is there a certain school of philosophy that's particularly relevant to the Order?

A18: Negative, we do not as an Organization support nor advocate any particular philosophy. Though we may at times reference a particular philosophy it is only offered as a reference, resource or point of retrospection or introspection only. Essentially we reference all philosophies, religions and sciences. As all things lead to knowledge and Light. All is Light, all is knowledge!

Q19: Are you against Religion?

A19: No, we are not against religion, however we do not support dogmatic disciplines or blind faith. We advocate that as Individual seekers of Light, we should question everything and thereby discover our own “Truth”’s. The origins of the word “Religion” from Latin loosely translates “Ligare” which means “to Bind”. We fully embrace the fact that “beliefs” have a profound effect on the mind and life of its holder. Therefore, as an Organization we remain selective of potential members who prove effective in their real world applications regardless of belief structure. Beliefs are powerful, but not always effective. Therefore we are against ineffective and useless belief systems, not religion per se.

Q20: Do I have to pledge my soul to the Order or Lucifer?
A20: Yes, if an invitation is accepted the potential member will be required to Pledge an Allegiance to the Luciferian Order to protect and uphold its secrets and identities of its members and their agendas. Failure to comply or a breach of confidentiality will result in expulsion of any and all affiliation. Traitors and infiltrators are not well respected and will be dealt with accordingly. We maintain a strict application process and therefore take every measure to ensure that only worthy and well qualified candidates attain access to the Order and its members.

Q21: Do you wear robes and have rituals?

A21: As an Organization we do not mandate a specific dress code. As for rituals, that is a personal preference, but as an Organization, we do not have mandatory Rituals. We have come to the knowledge that once one has reached a certain degree of Mastery, rituals are not required and magick/manifestation is effectively executed through ones intent to make magick or manifest things in their lives. One only need to think it and it shall come to pass with the appropriate actions. Therefore, ritual at a certain degree is only done so for nostalgic and theatrical relevance. None of which is a requirement by the Luciferian Order.