The Luciferian Order consist of various levels of membership. Various rites of passage and protocols are in place in order to ensure the highest quality of value and  membership to our organization. Utilizing social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc.. provides the Luciferian Order an open source to locate worthy and well qualified potential members for the Order.

Luciferian Order Facebook Group :

The Facebook Group of the Luciferian Order, is a first step to determining if the Luciferian Order is right for you, and if you are right for the Luciferian Order. Most all, but not all gain access by answering a simple question. However, by becoming a member of this Facebook group, does not make one an official member of the Luciferian Order. This is only the first passage, a media resource for prospecting potential members of like mind and Light.  Key members serving as Watchers and Guides, recognized within the Order as possessing the Light can be found there, observing and looking for potential members, people who resonate with the Light of the Luciferian Order.  By joining this group, one becomes a prospectus of the Luciferian Order, for further affiliation and advancement.

Official Membership of the Luciferian Order is currently by "Invitation" only.