The Luciferian Order is a non-profit, global organization connecting Luciferians throughout the world with a powerful, international network. The Structure of the Order provides a solid foundation for members to access an empowering experience for all who earnestly and sincerely endeavor to succeed in the physical world, master the mental/magick realities and transcend/ascend within the spiritual realms.

The Luciferian Order’s structure includes: an exclusive Degree System,  Public Website and extensive online resources for members only, Quarterly Publications, Quadrants, Specialized Groups/Divisions, Local Chapters, and the High Council of the Luciferian Order.
The Degree System of the Luciferian Order:

I° : Incipus: Level I is known as the Degree of the Initiate,  and the entry level to the Luciferian Order. The Degree of the Incipus focuses on the physical realm. For the physical world is the foundation of this earthen realm and our current existence at this level of manifestation, therefore a healthy knowledge of the physical world is critical to survival and further advancement. In order to ascend, it is imperative that one understand and be adept in the properties, principles and influence of the physical world at all levels of potentiality. To include; the quantum, atomic, molecular, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the directions, the biological, the planetary, to the cosmic and universal constructs. Primarily one’s own potentiality and influence within all probabilities of physical realities.
1: Singularity, Beginning, Primordial, Physical Realm

II° :Adeptus: Level II is known as the Degree of the Adept, this marks the second level of ascension and a higher degree of Self-Knowledge. Wherein the Initiate works within the material world and energy fields. At this level of the Magnum Opus, the Initiate develops or possesses the power to manipulate the material and energy world through thought. Additionally, dealing with the Emotional (energy in motion) Being, by the implements of the Body and Mind, one works with various energies embodied within the self. Such capacity ensures the ability to manifest, using the energy of emotions and intent, and to do so with control and focus of ones work.
2: Balance, Dualities, Correlation of Matter/Energy, Resonation, Relationship to ALL.

III° :Magus: Level III is known as the Degree of the Magus (Magician). The third level is a degree of Self-Mastery, and at this level the Magus effectively implements Mind over Matter. With the previous levels accomplished, the Magus implements their own Thought Being to manifest its will accurately, and does so with body and mind as one force toward known objectives. At this level, a member must provide sufficient evidence of proficiency in the mastery of ones Self and their craft/s.
3: Multiplicity, Magick, Trismegistis, Creative Power, Manifesting

IV° :Dominus/Domina: Level IV is known as the Degree of Master. Details regarding this degree are confidental and  available only to members.

V° : Confidental to members only

VI° :Confidential to members only

VII° :Confidential to members only

VIII° :Confidential to members only
Online Sites Public and Private:

The Luciferian Order hosts a labyrinth of online websites for its members. Public sites provide information for new potential members to research and discover fundamental principles of the Luciferian Order. It is highly recommended that applicants do their due diligence before pursuing membership within the Luciferian Order. Several gateways are in place, and must be solved before reaching the application process and becoming an official member.

The Members Site of the Luciferian Order, provides members of the Luciferian Order a plethora of venues to network internationally with other Luciferians, connecting members to unlimited resources for personal advancement in all areas of physical development, mental mastery and spiritual ascension.


As a global network, the Luciferian Order recognizes four quadrants of Earth to include the North American Hemisphere, the Europe/Asia Hemisphere, the South American Hemisphere and the African Hemisphere. Members are in no way restricted to these Quadrants as the Quadrants are for structural purposes only.

Specialized Groups and Divisions:

The Luciferian Order hosts a vast array of members worldwide, and therefore provides a multitude of Specialized Interest Groups. Specialized Interest Groups and Divisions are operated by members of the Magus III degree and higher. Once a member is conferred the degree of Magus III +, they may petition the High Council to become an official Luminary or Architect of the Luciferian Order and thereby establish a special interest group within the  construct of the Luciferian Order.

Specialized, focus groups within the Luciferian Order include but are not limited to: business/professional, physical fitness, sciences, intelligence, magick, mystical, metaphysical, psychic, religious, hedonistic, and other spiritual interest. Official members of any degree may apply for inclusion to any Specialized Group or Division.


Chapters are demographically based sectors of the Luciferian Order. Not all members can join all Chapters, exclusions apply. Chapters are available for members based on physical locality.

The High Council of the Luciferian Order:

The High Council consist of 8 Ranking Members who oversee the operations of the Luciferian Order worldwide. All applications, membership and conferred Degree’s are reviewed and voted upon by the High Council. Luminaries and Architects of Specialized Groups and/or Divisions and Chapters petition and report to the High Council.